CBD full spectral-oil for dogs - 1000mg/10ml | 10%

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CBD full spectral-oil for dogs - 1000mg/10ml | 10%

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equates to €419.50 per 100 UNIT_ML

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equates to €419.50 per 100 UNIT_ML


  • CBD oil extract combined with MCT oil ( medium-chain triglycerides based on 70% caprylic acid and 30% capric acid ) - thus far higher and faster bioavailability of the CBD active ingredient.

  • THC - < 0,0005% - therefore THC free
  • Made from Cannabis Sativa L / organic hemp cultivation without pesticides / herbicides
  • Natural hemp flavouring or flavour of your choice
  • Brand: Valeo Laboratories | Valeo GmbH
  • CBD content 1000mg / 10 ml
  • CBD share 10%
  • Bottle capacity: 10 ml - 1 spray stroke corresponds to 0.13ml = 13mg CBD
  • Spray bottle for oral use

A laboratory-technically complex extraction process provides for the highly concentrated "golden" CBD oil extracts used by us, which contain the full plant substance spectrum, consisting of phytocannabinoids as well as terpenes. Psychoactive THC is reduced in further processes if necessary in such a way that the presence of THC below 0.0005% is guaranteed.

Permanent gas chromatographic analyses ensure consistent quality, reproducible CBD contents and maximum purity.

The premium natural CBD extract from Valeo Laboratories is also decarboxylated (CBDa less than 0.1%) and is therefore available in its most effective form.

Full terpene entourage effect due to full spectral extract

The entourage effect is the synergistic interaction of phytocannabinnoids with terpenes. Thus the natural extract often shows a higher benefit than monopreparations.

Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabidiol-CBD, terpenes, natural phytocannabinoids

Recommended dosage:

The dosage of CBD oil may vary depending on the situation. It may be necessary to experiment a little at the beginning to determine the correct dose and frequency of use. Our experience has shown the following dosage recommendations.


Usually suggested starting dose:

from 1-5 mg per 5 kg body weight (complete spray of CBD oil = ~ 13 mg CBD)

Remember: CBD oil should always be shaken well before use.


5 kg: 1 - 5 mg

10 kg: 2 - 10 mg

15 kg: 3 - 15 mg

20 kg: 4 - 20 mg

25 kg: 5 - 25 mg

30 kg: 6 - 30 mg

35 kg: 7 - 35 mg

40 kg: 8 - 40 mg

60 kg: 12 - 60mg

80 kg: 16 - 80mg

100kg: 20 - 100mg

Always start with a small dose. Changes are usually felt within 1 hour. If CBD oil does not work after one hour, try increasing the dose. Depending on the symptoms, a single dose may not be sufficient. The daily dose is best taken at all meals.

Store in a cool place away from light.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of small children. Store in a cool and dry place.

We generally recommend that you discuss the use of CBD products with a veterinarian.

The flavours used here are approved as feed additives.

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